If it takes ONE tweet to introduce myself it would be:

Jinn. From Malaysia. Conflict transformation trainer & consultant. Love research, instructional design, program development, & Infographics! (140 characters, including spaces)

How long did you think it took me to come up with that “tweet”? A LONG TIME.

Try collapsing all the identities that relate to you into 140 characters (remember to include spaces in the count!) and you’ll know how deceptively short those two lines look. Still, the exercise challenged me to think through the many layers of identities that define me; determine the frame with which I would like to use as a representation of “me” in and through this space (whether professional, personal, or a little bit of both); and evaluate how safe I feel in disclosing certain aspects of me on this platform.

As a conflict transformation professional at heart, issues of identity – frames – and safe space constitute some of the most significant questions that I confront every day, whether at work or at home. I believe they will continue to shape and reshape my worldview as I make my way through the  world.


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